Salty Sea Dog Orders New Seaward 25

Salty Sea Dog orders New Seaward 25

The latest order for a Seaward 25 is from a discerning motor boater from Scotland called Eddie. Having found motor boats a little unsettling in the past, Eddie didn’t just roll over, but was careful to sea trial the Seaward 25 in Ruff conditions near the Hound buoy.  On the trip Eddie checked the all round visibility and the vital ‘nose out of the window’ access as well as the overall comfort of the boat.




Eddie’s owners were quite clear that Eddie would make the final decision based on his reaction to the seakeeping qualities of the 25.  Eddie was clearly an experienced Sea Dog who knows when a boat is right.  Having made the decision to go ahead, Eddie put together a list of extras including the stereo, which comes with woofers and sub woofers and a comfy bench seat for taking the Dog Watch.  We wish Eddie and family happy times ahead on their new 25…