Seaward 35 on PBO test

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This is what Test reporter Nick Burnham has to say about the boat.

Of the design…

‘Ultra seaworthy, highly practical, rock-solid boats.’

‘The profile has an essential rightness to it….Purposeful is the word that springs to mind – fit for task. It’s a look that will never date.’

Bespoke service…

‘Seaward is open to discussion on pretty much any aspect of the build. The hull is fixed, but most other things are up for grabs…each boat is a bespoke  build, commissioned by the buyer to his or her specification. It’s an entirely fluid design: you choose what you want, not the factory.’


‘Gets under the skin, and it just gets better and better.’

‘Visibility is first class: deep windows giving a safe clear view in all directions.’

‘Given full throttle, the acceleration is genuinely astonishing: it pushes you back into your seat like a sports car! … Top speed is a scarcely credible 28 knots, amazing for a semi-displacement boat…you could water-ski behind this boat.

‘The headline news of this and all Seawards, is the ability to get on with the job in hand – fast passage-making – almost irrespective of sea conditions.’

‘In combination with that heavy weather hull, the ride is magic carpet, and (at 25 knots) we could be in Cherbourg in well under three hours…Crucially with this Seaward 35 comes the knowledge that we could do it in utter safety, total comfort and without the need to slow down unless conditions got really extreme.’

‘That’s what this boat does – it gets you there without fuss, without drama, and without bikini brochures and hyperbole.’