Seaward Squadron

The Seaward Squadron is the association for owners of Seaward Boats. Formed in 1987 by Mike Wood, who purchased the first Seaward 23, ‘Zenith’, which appeared at the Southampton International Boat Show in 1985.The first gathering was held in Guernsey in 1988 where 8 boats attended.

This set the seal on what was to become an annual event, held at various venues along the south coast, as well as Guernsey, with craft making cross channel trips so that owners, family and friends may enjoy an informal ‘get together’. Originally the association was called the 23 Squadron but with the introduction of other size models in the Seaward range, including boats in lengths of 25, 29, 35, the 23 Squadron was renamed the Seaward Squadron.

The original aims of the association have remained very much in their original form to the present day and are as follows:-

Produce and keep updated, a list of Seaward craft and their owners. (The Squadron Register)

Produce newsletters with tales and anecdotes of adventures of Seaward craft and their owners as well as news from the Seaward Marine factory of any interesting developments or modifications.

Organise an annual “Gathering” of Seaward craft to be held at different venues and to encourage friendship and the exchange of information between owners.

To provide a forum where owners can obtain help and assistance with information regarding Seaward boats.

The only qualification for membership is to be an owner or a former owner of a Seaward Boat. There is no membership fee or subscription.

Should you become the owner of a Seaward Boat, whether it’s of early vintage or brand new, we will be delighted to hear from you, to update the register and to sign you up as a member!

Please email the club secretary with details of your:

Boat Name, Your Name, Address, Telephone Number, Crews Name and your Home Port.

David Harland

Rue de Tamaris
Guernsey GY5 7BA

Tel: 01481 255638  Mob: 07781 155638


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