Seaward’s Hybrid Power Innovation

Seaward’s Hybrid Power Innovation

Continuous development at Seaward means that the superb go anywhere sea boat, the Seaward 29, is shortly going to be available with an innovative and practical approach to hybrid power.

Many years of research have led to a package which will allow the Seaward to operate, in a choice of propulsion modes, in any of the areas where diesel engines are not permitted or restricted or, of course, to reduce noise and emissions and use less fuel.

Seaward’s innovative multi-mode hybrid is developed in cooperation with British engineers Hybrid Marine, also based on the Isle of Wight, who have many years of experience in the field and with our well-established engine supplier Yanmar.

The 3 modes of operation provide unique practicality, reliability and tolerance:

Silent Running

In battery only drive the parallel hybrid operation will give virtually silent departure and manoeuvring operations, before engaging one of the other modes for longer duration.

Hybrid Efficiency

In series hybrid mode, with only the generator running, it will provide long term displacement speed operation in lakes and canals – great range, fuel economy, low noise and emissions.

High Speed, Long Range Cruising

With its pair of Yanmar 4LV’s the top speed of around 25 knots and a range of up to 200 nautical miles gives the world-renowned rugged sea boat exceptional seagoing performance, handling and safety. Long-range reserve diesel capacity can also be provided.

More information about prices and delivery will be available from the yard soon.

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Tough and rugged, Seaward’s Nelson designed motor yachts have an enviable reputation gained through their commercial heritage and boast luxurious hand crafted comfort aboard.

Continuous development by the team at Seaward is giving Seaward customers unrivalled levels of luxury and comfort in these capable, sea going craft.

Seaward Boats really are the ultimate sea boat.

“Whatever the weather, you’ll be glad you’re in a Seaward…”

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